Practice Areas

We draw from a wide range of tools & techniques to work in your best interest. With the right experience and insight, these aspects optimize your estate plan.

Advanced Estate Planning

Estate planning is essential for every husband, wife, mother, father, grandparent, or anyone with loved ones to protect. Brian will guide you through the process, to create and maintain a strategy upholding your hopes, fears & expectations.

Sophisticated Tax Planning

Brian leverages his in-depth understanding of the tools, techniques and strategies used in tax planning to design, implement, and maintain effective estate plans for high net-worth clients.

Family Limited Partnerships

A family limited partnership is a strategic combination of sharing & protecting your wealth with your family- so you can maintain control over your assets while lowering income taxes & estate taxes.

Asset Protection Planning

Developing a strategy to actually protect your assets is essential. Luckily, you don’t have to memorize the complex in’s and out’s of asset protection. Brian will implement these extra walls of protection as needed, personalized to your specific circumstances.

Private Foundation

Private foundations are an attractive planning tool for individuals who would like their family members to continue to perperuate both the charitable interests of the donor and the donor’s legacy.

Charitable Estate Planning

Enacting a Charitable Lead Trust or a Charitable Remainder Trust can reduce or virtually eliminate all estate tax on wealth passing to heirs. We like to call it a “good deed.”

Insight. Preparation. Trust.